Going Green for Your Wedding

For the longest time, we have seen no wrong in going all out for our weddings since it is after all, a once in a lifetime event. But, that has slowly changed over the years — as we become more environmentally-conscious, many couples have started to eschew going big and over the top, in favour of being prudent and going green. While we may not be absolute environment fanatics, today we look at a few tips that other couples have found useful in cutting wastages at their weddings!

Choose sustainable decorations

Much of the wastage at weddings come from the decorations. But just by putting in a little thought, it is easy to cut down on unnecessary things, or substitute them for more environmentally-friendly options.

For example, in place of plastic confetti, you may choose to go with flower petals during the opening march — while plastic is non-biodegradable and will contribute to litter, flower petals cause no such problem. Balloons, which we often use at weddings, are another decoration item that is harmful to the ecosystem. On top of being non-biodegradable, they are also choking hazards to animals and sea life when they are discarded in the environment.

(Picture from here)

Reduce paper products

Another big component to look into would be paper products — you can easily reduce paper wastage by using online invitations and RSVPs (there are many wedding planning apps that can help you do this, or simply turn to Google documents). Also, instead of individually printed programme and menu cards, why not be creative and use a big centrepiece (e.g. chalkboard) to inform your guests of the day’s proceedings?

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Go local

Instead of clocking up the miles to fly in exotic flowers or food ingredients, it is far more prudent to look to local producers for your needs. This is a win-win option — not only do you get fresher goods, you also enjoy significant monetary savings. For those who are sceptical of finding beautiful flowers locally, you will be heartened to know that even Hollywood celebrities are looking to use local wild flowers in their weddings (Kate Bosworth who used yellow and white wild flowers in her rustic wedding is a case in point!)

(Wild flowers at Kate Bosworth’s wedding. Photo by Martha Stewart Weddings, taken from here.)

Do you have any tips for going green at your wedding? Do let us know!