Higher Demand for Luxury Wedding in China

We read with interest the recent Channel NewsAsia article “China’s luxury wedding industry gets creative to meet higher expectations” (read it here) that spoke about how Chinese service-providers are pulling all stops to offer a one-of-a-lifetime wedding experience for their clients.

For example, couples can take their pre-wedding photographs at South Pole at a jaw-dropping cost of US$100,000. The trip, which takes about 19 days in total, could also be part of the couple’s honeymoon travel. In addition, wedding proprietors now also provide customised services tailored to the couple’s wishes. “[For example,] if they want the exhilaration of true flying, I can arrange for a pilot from the royal flying team to take them on an acrobatic display up in the air.”

As Chinese couples become increasingly affluent in recent years, there is now a proportionately larger number of couples who are looking for unique experiences to make their wedding different from the norm. According to a wedding proprietor in China, current run of the mill wedding packages are so commonplace that there have been cases when couples have picked up the wrong pictures without even realising it.

“That really happened, it’s not a joke. Because your make-up, hair and clothes are the same, you end up looking similar. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference, if it’s a different bride.”

We have read many articles about extravagant Chinese weddings in the media, so the trend of luxury weddings in China honestly did not come unexpected. But what is more surprising is the quick-footed proprietors who have now even looked to combining pre-wedding photos, honeymoon and investment travel into one. For example, Deputy Chief Editor of Cosmo Bride, Zara Zhang has been quoted to be saying that some of their readers travel to Mauritius for their honeymoons, and end up buying a villa there.

With the lucrative returns, we definitely expect wedding proprietors to continue to outdo each other with fancier and more exotic destinations — maybe next time, it won’t be anything new to have your wedding photos taken on the moon.