How to be different for your wedding?

Egging for something less of a cookie cutter for your big day?

Well, we think you don’t need something extraordinary to achieve that. Instead, start thinking out of the box from minute details! Here are some small things which we think can make your wedding standout in a big way.

Silver rings are almost an essential at weddings we know but this is simply too cute to pass. Designed by UK-based designer Clive Roddy who self describes as having a penchant for designing quirky items that induce happiness, these mountain rings made of high quality birch plywood and carefully hand painted with a durable enamel finish. Comes in slightly different sizes and positions so that you can arrange your own mountain portrait as you like!


In Singapore, it is not uncommon for a video documenting the lovebirds to be shown midway during the wedding dinner. Instead of that, try a different presentation. Have the information written on a chalkboard or flipboard is sweet and attention-grabbing too!

For females who just don’t love heels, go casual and sporty with those trusty converse shoes! In fact, this trend of pairing formal suits and gowns with fun colorful shoes are on the rise for they make memorable fashion statements and photo moments. Most importantly, they allow the character and interests of the couple to shine through.

These converse shoes can also be part of a sports theme if both of you are sports lovers. Need more ideas? Here’s one bride who did a yoga photo shoot with her bridesmaid! Brilliant we say!


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