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Hushed Grandeur

A classy wedding that whispers elegance and high society, but shouts love and romance.

The Inspiration

The euphoria over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fairy tale union may have died down, but the interest for an English-style wedding is far from over.

This theme is a portrayal of a stately manor where English nobles gather to clink champagne glasses on a lazy afternoon.

Creating the Theme

This is one theme idea for couples who prefer a sophisticated function, minus the pomp and glitter.

Full-blooming roses in deep red and white tones, lilac hydrangeas and topiaries evoke an English garden charm in the restaurant. The table set-up design is kept simple, uncluttered, with no dramatic decorations and colours. Instead, the virgin hue rules with spotless white table linen and plates.

To break the monotony on the tables, two kinds of centrepieces are used – chest-level floral arrangements carried in silver polished ware and upward thrusting arrangement that balance on tall stem glasses. Both designs feature fresh green apples and succulent black grapes for an added contrast.

The aristocratic ambience is enhanced with the use of Roman pillars and tasteful old paintings reflecting the Victorian times that can be spotted around the room.

Although the key idea is about not going over the top and to imbue a cultivated taste in the details, it is important to add imposing elements, though sparingly. Here, a simple globular topiary decorated with vines and white roses resting on an antiquated roman column is erected at the focal point of the room to do the trick.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas and Tips

For the bridal look, women with long hair can let their hair down and get their hairstylists to give them wavy curls. Match the look with a floral crown or other kinds of hair pieces using pale-coloured flowers. Go for a lacy wedding dress.

Instead of the usual fruit platter, you can make “frosted” fruits using sugar and gelatine for the “icy” coating. Besides serving as eye candies, the fruits that will look as though they are covered in a blanket of snow are edible too.

In British wedding tradition, an elaborate fuirt cake and chocolate cake are served. You can, however, merge the two into a two-tier chocolate coated fruity cake.

Get the groomsmen to put on tuxedoes with bowties and dress the bridesmaids in Victorian-inspired cocktail gowns. Opera music can be a turn-off for some. Prepare soothing classical music for the restaurant to play in the background.