IKEA Gets into the Wedding Business

IKEA has introduced an online wedding service — Bröllop online — that allows couples to invite wedding guests from all over the world and bring them together virtually using their computer’s microphone and webcam. This means no more headache-inducing logistical challenges of trying to get everyone to be in the same physical space, at the same time. This also means that everyone can be part of the party even if your venue is too expensive or inaccessible to fly everyone to.


IKEA’s digital wedding service allows couples to customise the theme and decorations of their virtual wedding venue with (surprise, surprise) products from IKEA’s catalogues. But in case you’re wondering, it’s not all a marketing gimmick — Swedish couples can actually get married for real with the service as IKEA provides the proper paperwork that is needed.

With large brands such as IKEA getting into the wedding business, we are sure the increased competition will definitely help to inject a new dose of innovation and creativity into the industry.

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