Incredible wedding day dances

We think wedding-related surprises planned by loved ones are super duper sweet so elaborate efforts involving meticulous dance choreographies like the two instances below, deserve special mention.

1. Groom transforms into pop star
The likes of Beyonce, Backstreet Boys and even a Persian dance number proved to be too easy for this groom, Sean, and his best men, who pulled out all stops to to surprise his bride Ariana with a splendid dance routine.

The reward? Screams from the crowd and a kiss from the bride after Sean finished the six-minute long choreography with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”.

2. Imagine your in-laws dancing, just for you
It had started off as a normal slow waltz between a mother and her son, and then came on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the pair burst into some impressive rhythmic moves, to the surprise of the bride and all the guests.

An epic dance mash-up, including N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and the 2013 hit “Gangnam Style”, it is undeniable that it was the groom’s mother who stole the show – for pulling off the acrobatic routine dressed in a stunning floor-length midnight blue gown paired with tricky stilettos just for her son’s wedding.

According to the DailyMail, the bride who had no idea her husband and mother-in-law had the surprise up their sleeves, rushed to give the superstar mom a thrilled embrace after the dance ended. Who wouldn’t?!