Infographic: US Wedding Trends

(Infographic from Piccolo Trattoria)

US wedding caterer Piccolo Trattoria recently released the above infographic, which summarises some of the prevailing wedding trends in America. In general, it seems that couples in the States spend more (per pax) on their weddings than our Singaporean couples, and they also place more emphasis on personal touches to make their weddings unique, for example, concocting signature cocktails for their guests.

On average, US couples host a total of 180 guests, and spend about US$220 on each guest, up from US$194 in 2009. Out of this US$220, US$66 (or 30%) is spent on food. 28% of US weddings include a desert bar, and 20% include signature cocktails specially created for the wedding. For couples who put in an open bar serving free flow drinks and alcohol at their weddings, the expenses usually come up to about 20-25% of the total catering bill. The survey also found that the number of after-parties has increased by 11.5% as compared to the previous year.

From the above findings, it is interesting to note that US couples typically spend around US$40,000 on their weddings — not too different from local couples. However, US couples seem to place more emphasis on the overall experience of their guests, as they host a smaller number of people, and are prepared to spend more on them. A small but significant group (20%) of couples are also willing to go the extra mile to put in personal touches that would make their weddings more memorable for their guests.

What do you think of the above findings? Share with us your thoughts!