Innovative Pre-wedding Photography

Looking to make your pre-wedding photographs more special and memorable than others out there? Apart from splashing out on a more unique location (overseas pre-wedding shoots, anyone?), bespoke looks, here’s a solution that will cost you much less — how about coming up with your very own unique storyline? We came across this particular shoot that was trending online. (For full set of photos, please click here.)


The scenario for the couple’s pre-wedding shoot is set to happen during their wedding ceremony. On the onset, these photographs look regular enough, with the usual lovey-dovey poses. But here’s where things start to get a little more interesting. A character appears to disturb the couple’s peace, but this is no pesky relative nor any ex-lover with a vengeance — far worse, it is a (gasp) zombie!


This couple’s rather into it — the shoot’s even got some fairly realistic and may we say, violent scenes!


And if you’re like us who thought that the shoot would end with its usual hero-wins-the-day scenario, you’re in for a big surprise. Here at Wedding & Travel, we think what really took this set of pre-wedding photographs from just ‘great’ to the territory of ‘omgfantastic’ was the ending, which hinted at the death of the couple at the hands of the zombie mob, but not before they share a beautiful kiss to seal their fate.


We hope this set of photos gets your inspiration going! Maybe your very own  superhero versus villain story? Or have a go at the star-crossed lovers scenario? How about diving deep into fantasy or history? The possibilities are endless once you start thinking about them. Now just don’t get too addicted to the costumes and role-play!