Inspiration: Romantic & Wonderful Wedding Celebration

Thank you Aileen Teo for sharing the details of her wedding anniversary with us; let’s check it out if you are planning to have one!

W&T: How was this happened, or we should ask what’s the reason(s) to have such wonderful wedding anniversary after years of marriage?

Aileen Teo: I believe that wedding celebration is not just one celebration in a lifetime. It’s important to celebrate to showcase a milestone if one has the means as it’s a way of reminding ourselves that celebrating an anniversary shows marriage is a priority in life. It gives us a chance to pull back from the daily grind and an opportunity to reflect and reconnect on whether our relationship is growing, to relive a moment that can change our life forever by embarking on a new beginning, another new chapter.

They become memories and milestones that we as a couple lean on when times get rough. It’s treading nowadays for couples to want to create and do a meaningful celebration by either taking destination photos or throwing a party. Taking photo shoots again to reminisce the past during the time of their pre-wedding shoots. Now that technology has moved so fast, I am sure many couples want to upkeep and move on with new technology by owning new sets of photos as a form of fond memories while aging with times.

As Tan Chuan-Jin said,” it is just one way of recognising couples and to encourage others to also try to emulate and, in their own way, reach their own key milestones as well.” Reminiscing isn’t just about honouring the past; it is about the present too, because it points out just how far you have come as a couple and how we have developed, grown and changed together over the years.

Reflecting gives us hope for the future when we consider some of the obstacles we’ve overcome as a couple. Looking back is not always a bad thing. By reflecting and remembering, it can remind us of the strength we have in our marriage and encourage us to keep going. If it can inspire one to anticipate a brighter future like an anticipated hope that more special memories are awaiting around the corner, why not?

There have been times in my 8 years, 13 years including rom of marriage that I have not felt like celebrating my anniversary, or that it’s been a struggle to put the effort into a celebration. Even if all of that is true, I believe it’s still worth to celebrate anniversary.

The choice of my venue was rented over two days.  Time was taken to set up and arranged for the decoration on the first day to make sure things were pretty well matched.

As the saying goes, ‘a party without cake is just a meeting’, there were 4 whole cakes in total which are the roast pig cake, a two-tier cake, a chocolate rose round whole cake and a three-tier cake. Not to mention, there were some delicious floral buttercream cupcakes.

The wedding just stirred so much emotion in me that I finally felt the 8 years of waiting and planning was all worth it.