Interview: Bisou Fleur

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Bucking the usual route of setting up brick and mortar florists, recent years have seen a refreshing crop of new independent florists who operate from their homes instead of physical retail spaces. Wedding & Travel speaks to one such florist, Bisou Fleur to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes.

W&T: Could you introduce to us the concept of a home florist, and what is it that sets you apart from commercial florists?

Bisou Fleur (BF): We curate our flowers independently from home, and we specialise in wild and exotic cuts imported from all around the world, from anywhere you can think of! We also love to customise every bouquet we make for every customer.

W&T: Tell us, how did you start out in this venture?

BF: It started from a simple love of flowers, which developed into a healthy habit. Eventually, with the support of our family and friends, we decided to venture into something more. For now, we’re trying to do pop ups every month for clients to come by and pick their flowers first hand, and to create opportunities to say hi!

W&T: How can couples go about engaging Bisou Fleur for their weddings? How long does the process usually take?

BF: We like to keep things casual and love to have discussions with our clients over coffee! There really isn’t any fixed procedure for us — we try to find out what the clients like, and then curate the flowers to how they would imagine them to be! The process might take one to three months from conceptualisation to materialisation, but we can work magic too if the timeline is tight!

W&T: What inspires you?

BF: We get inspired from everywhere, really! Fragrances like Jo Malone and Diptyque inspire us; so do magazines like Kinfolk and Cereal. There’re just too many sources of inspiration to list them all!

W&T: Lastly, could you share with our readers your most memorable work?

BF: Every piece of work is precious to me! Other than that, pieces that have tight deadlines are also especially memorable as we had to work through the night to make them possible!

You can email Bisou Fleur at or call/text at 96806948. To keep track of Bisou Fleur’s regular updates, you can also follow them on instagram (user name: xbisoufleur)!