Interview: Green Banana


A few weeks ago we wrote about the use of fern and moss in one of our wedding inspiration features (read it here if you haven’t!). As promised, we speak to Ivan Lim of Green Banana to find out more about the process and inspiration behind their beautiful terrariums, and more about how you can use these beautiful green pieces to beautify your wedding.

W&T: Could you share with our readers how you came into contact with plants, and what made you start Green Banana?

Ivan (I): Green Banana expresses a passion towards nature and greenery, and an enthusiasm for small unique plants. I’ve always been fond of greens and have been planting since young. Planting is like a personal hobby and a form of alternative calming therapy for me. It was only in 2012 when I decided to take things further.

W&T: What are you inspired by when you create, and what is your approach to curating Green Banana’s terrariums and plants?

I: I get most of my inspiration from nature. It could be a drying twig, a pile of after rain mess in the park, or a picture of a beautiful landscape. I tend to use natural and organic materials in my landscaping style. Earthy and black and white are my favourable tones. The vessels I use for my terrariums are carefully crafted and designed to showcase the different species of cacti, succulents, moss and even air plants that I use.

W&T: For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with terrariums, what are some quick plus points of terrariums?

I: Terrariums are perfect to keep at home or at the office as decorative items as long as they are placed next to a light source. Plants can purify the ambient air, and decrease the absorption of harmful substances from the air.

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W&T: Your terrariums have recently started to make appearances at weddings. Tell us, how did that come about?

I: I started doing weddings as a coincidence — a customer first approached me wanting to use my terrariums as wedding favours. Subsequently, other customers started coming to me with similar ideas. I think the use of terrariums has become a nice trend in western countries whereby wedding planners and stylists like to use succulents in the decorations and flower arrangements. This is an unconventional, unique and out-of-the-box choice for those who prefer something more memorable.

W&T: For interested couples, how can they go about commissioning you for their weddings? How does the process usually work?

I: I prefer to have a one-to-one meeting with the couple and find out their needs. After the meeting, I will propose the type of plants for their wedding, with samples of how they can be set up in different types of glassware. For wedding favours, the price may range from $12-$20 per pax, while table pieces may range from $30-$500 per piece depending on the size of the vessel and the complexity of the design.

W&T: Do you also offer event styling services?

I: I am mainly focusing on making small terrariums for homes at the moment, but I do have clients who engage me to customise larger pieces for retail outlets, hotel lobbies, or events. In my opinion, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to landscaping. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different sectors!