It Figures Decoded – Budget Weddings

For all couples who are looking to cut down on your wedding budgets, check out this short but useful video from Channel NewsAsia that teaches you how some other couples do it!

Depending on the individual, you might not be keen on all the measures — for example, we are guessing that few brides would want to do their wedding make-up on our own, even if we are completely capable of doing so! There’s nothing like feeling a bit special on your big day, right?

That said, we did agree with sourcing for alternative venues for your wedding other than the usual hotels. Not only are they a more economical choice, they can also bring more character and hip factor to your wedding! It has also become more common for younger couples to opt for alternative venues such as colonial restaurants at Labrador Park, Dempsey and so on.

Do you have your own smart tips for saving money in your wedding? We’ll be thrilled to learn more!