It’s official: Jay Chou shares first couple picture with Hannah Quinlivan

jay and gf2

Seems like rumors of a wedding in January 2015 for Jay Chou may be true.

“King of Mandopop” Chou has shared for the first time photos of him and his model girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan, earlier on Monday (Nov 17). The 35-year-old singer-composer uploaded the photos of himself and 21-year-old Quinlivan on Weibo, with the caption “It’s time to share my joy with you.”

Chou, who played two shows in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, said he “received the blessings of many fans” after the performances. “I saw some of you at the concert with your children – your whole families – sharing your joy with me, and I was very touched,” he wrote. In response, he decided to share photos of himself and his girlfriend.

jay and gf1

The high-profile release of the photos was unusual for Chou, whose relationships have been quite low-key. His romance with pop star Jolin Tsai was never acknowledged even after it ended in 2005, with him leaving her for television host Patty Hou.

Although he has been linked to Quinlivan since 2011, they have never made a public appearance together. In June, he said he would be married before his 36th birthday in January, but did not name his bride.

After the rare confession online, Quinlivan offered up some interesting insights into their relationship when she appeared as a guest on a talkshow on Wednesday (Nov 19), reported Taiwan media.

During her appearance on popular Taiwanese variety program “Kang Xi Lai Le”, Quinlivan was questioned relentlessly by hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, during which she revealed that she often addressed Chou by the nickname “Chou Chou.”

The 21-year-old model added that he loved to eat the desserts she prepared, while she would cut up the vegetables when he cooks for her. Quinlivan also revealed that they first held hands when they were watching a horror film together. She said she was covering her eyes with her hands because she was afraid, when Chou gently took one of her hands and held it in his.

Hsu also asked her if Chou snored in his sleep. “I haven’t heard him snore before!” said Quinlivan, realizing too late that she had perhaps said too much.