Just married: George Young and Janiet Hsieh wed in…. South Pole

Janet hsieh
(Picture credit to Janet Hsieh’s Facebook)

After being pals for 10 years and then a couple slightly more than a year ago, Singapore-based actor George Young and Taiwanese-American host Janet Hsieh have officially taken their relationship to a new level: They are married!

The new Mr and Mrs Young broke the news on their respective social media accounts, with a blissful photo of them, dressed in a wedding gown and suit, holding up flags of their respective birth places before a magnificent backdrop of an iceberg and surrounded by a group of penguins.

The couple had earlier shared their decision to have their wedding in the South Pole after getting engaged last year. According to Taiwanese media reports, 34-year-old Young spent close to US$1.27 million just so their loved ones can travel to the South Pole for their wedding.