Just Married, Just Inked

Forget about cheesy ‘Till death do us part’ quotes, or tattooing your partner’s name on your arm — the couples below show us how matching tattoos to commemorate their weddings can be cool. Seeing how it’s getting more common for young people to get inked, you might wish to consider some of these ideas for your upcoming wedding!

This groom is keeping it simple with a classic heart shape on his ring finger.

Forget about the real bling bling, this girl’s got a rock that will last for an eternity!

We are in love with this adorable matching tree and owl tattoo — it’s just like saying you’re the home I come back to.

How’s that for an updated tattoo? This bride’s inked an emoticon heart on her finger.

Here’s a wedding band and promise that doesn’t come off or tarnish!

This inked couple added matching hearts and anchors to their existing body art on the occasion of their wedding.

To end things off, how about this cute ‘Love’ tattoo that is materialised when you link your hands? A great photo opportunity on your wedding day, no doubt!

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