Just Married: Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su’s wedding in Hokkaido

Mandopop fans who grew up in the 90s would be familiar with the 1996 hit, “Lemon Tree”.

If Tarcy Su (苏慧伦), the singer of this infectious song, was one of your favorite idols back then, you’ll probably be very pleased to know that the 43-year-old who has maintained low-profile since bowing out of the entertainment industry was given the limelight for the past week on a piece of good news – The Taiwanese singer has tied the knot with her boyfriend of two years on March 18!


The Wedding: Held at the famous Water Chapel of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu in Hokkaido, to call the wedding beautiful would be an understatement. The low-key ceremony was said to have started at 5pm, an opportune timing as the sunset created a romantic and scenic backdrop for the couple who exchanged their vows in the chapel.

The newlyweds also stepped outside and posed for photos with snowflakes swirling around them.


The Wedding Look: The bride’s A-line hand-sewn dress with lace details, was reportedly a wedding gift from Taiwanese designer Zhang You Hao who is a close friend of Su.

Zhang was also responsible for drawing an Indian henna design on the bride’s hand. Henna is an ancient Indian tradition that females go through during weddings or important ceremonies. “On this important day, I really hope to receive love and blessing from the universe and everyone, so I specially requested for my good friend to draw the Henna on my hand,” Tarcy told the media.

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The Guests: Around 50 relatives and close friends were invited to the intimate occasion. Celebrity guests included Taiwanese movie director Doze Niu, as well as newly-married actor Chang Chen and singer Valen Hsu with their respective partners.

According to Taiwan media, neither gifts nor red packets were accepted at the wedding as guests reportedly paid for their own air tickets to Japan. However, food and accommodation for all guests throughout their three-day stay in Hokkaido were reportedly taken care of by the newlyweds. A skiing activity was also in the itinerary for guests to let their hair down.