Just Married: “The Muttons” Vernon has tied the knot!

couple and friends 2
(Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook)

Famously known as one-half of the hilarious duo “The Muttons” on air, 41-year-old Vernon Anthonisz married blogger Jayne Tham at Shangri-La hotel on Sunday.

The popular Singapore radio personality tied the knot with 23-year-old Tham after dating for two years.

Other local celebrities like radio deejays Jean Danker and Glenn Ong, as well as fashion personality Daniel Boey, were among the many guests who attended the garden-themed wedding.

It was a joyous day and “The Muttons” kept to their humorous style with many candid photos.

During the gatecrash, Vernon and co were supposed to garner 288 “likes” on their Facebook page before they could get a step closer to the bride. Till date, the photo has gotten over 2,500 “likes”, way to go! ((Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook))

couple and friends
(Photo credit to: “Muttons on the Move” Facebook)

The bride was more sentimental as she wrote on her Instagram: “Just like that, the best day of our lives whizzed pass quickly. But in every moment of that day, we were both filled with happiness and gratitude for all the help that we’ve received to make it the best day ever.”
(Photo credit to: Jayne Tham Instagram

In an interview with Xinmsn, Vernon said he has utmost confidence that this marriage will stand the test of time, despite their 17-year age gap.

“The fact that I was never looking to find another life partner and the fact that she made me want to get married again makes me more confident that our relationship is strong enough.

And I think that I am very sure about this, as opposed to the first one (marriage) where, especially in Singapore, where sometimes you get into a relationship where you are not ready to get married but you are kind of pressured into the moment because of housing, or peer pressure, your parents or relatives. So in this case, no one was pressuring us at all. We just decided let’s do this.”

Congrats Vernon and Jayne!