Just Married: Vivian Hsu releases wedding photos

(Photo credits: Vivian Hsu Facebook)

Taiwanese celebrity Vivian Hsu married Singapore-based businessman Sean Lee earlier this year in a low-key wedding here on our sunny island. Keeping the joyous occasion a private affair throughout, fans can now finally catch a glimpse of the couple via wedding photos released by the singer-actress herself on Facebook.

Featuring iconic locations such as the Fremantle Markets, Wave Rock, Swan River and a golden wheat field in Perth, Australia, the couple’s bridal photos were a mixture of lovey dovey as well as fun, candid shots. The location in Down Under was chosen for it was where the groom had studied since he was 13. According to media reports, the photo-shoot came with a price tag of a million dollars.


A statement said that the Indonesian-born groom sprang a surprise on his bride by arranging for the four-day shoot single-handedly. While we’re sure Hsu can not be any happier with such a lovely surprise, the 39-year-old, who is often called as “Taiwanese Goddess”, revealed some less-than-perfect moments to the press.

“I have to smile with my mouth closed so that I won’t accidentally eat [the flies]. The photographer will have a really hard time trying to PS (Photoshop) all the flies out of the pictures!”

In the lovely photos, Hsu had on 2 white gowns. One of which is a high-low bustier dress reportedly worth millions of dollars, gifted by Hsu’s close friend and model, Jia Yongjie.


According to Apple Daily, Hsu is currently living in Singapore since she registered for marriage in February. The private wedding in Singapore was attended by the couple’s close friends and family. Prominent guests from showbiz include Vivian’s close friend, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, veteran Hong Kong actor Simon Yam and his wife, international model Sophia Kao.

The actress’ 36-year-old husband, Sean, is the CEO of a Singapore-based marine logistics group Marco Polo Marine, and the couple started dating last April. He had invested in a romantic comedy Sex Agogo, which she starred in last year. They tied the knot after dating for seven months.