La Dolce Vita

The serene sights of the bay meet the clear open sky and with the gentle caress of the coastal breeze, herald in the most memorable day of your life. You wed in an intimated affair by the picturesque bay with your closest friends and family with cocktails in the cool alfresco patio, leading up to a crescendo in a familial alcove with nothing short of fine dining. With all your senses pampered, you will be starting anew in la dolce vita.


Select a place which provides mystical ambience, complete with stage, grand piano and elaborate curtains drawn, brings to life the lavish interior. Orangey-red hues adorn the modern theatre-style décor and give it a warm yet formal touch. What you see is truly what you get; fine cuisine in elegant theatre surroundings. In fact, one almost expects a spectacular performance from the troupe of the Moulin Rouge.


Wedding Meal

As your family and loved ones gather in style to celebrate your day in the sun, savour the rich and romantic flavours of authentic Italian cuisine by the romantic bay. Make no mistake; Italian food is much more than just pizza and pasta. For instance, when a grilled beef is tender and rich in taste, making you salivate in an instant. Extremely fresh, the swirling black ink pasta with cubed vegetables is blanketed with a fragrant spicy marinara-type sauce. If you love spicy local food, this dish will more than suit your taste. For connoisseurs, there is also a wine list with an adequate selection of various wines for you to choose from to go with your main course.

Nevertheless, the climax would undoubtedly be dessert. Remember to make sure you leave enough room for the sweet finale. The traditional tiramisu served with a generous portion of chocolate shavings, is lightly soaked in calculated amounts of sweet liqueur and goes down more smoothly than the finest wine. Let yourself be spoilt.

On the other hand, imagine the chocolate flan is in a league of its own. Filled with a unique combination of chocolate and pear, the dark runny chocolate oozes out of the flan as it is pierced, enriching the pale pistachio ice cream. They pre-caution that there is a 20-minute wait as it is only pre-right temperature and texture, melting in your mouth.



For the bride, one possibility would be a traditional European style gown with intricate trimmings. Doll yourself up in pseudo 60’s make-up and a semi-beehive do. It will set you apart from the rest of the ordinary boring brides and complement your gown. You will be the sweet demure young bride from the plains of Southern Sicily.

For the groom, you need a shirt that is a little different, with a little more decorative value. Some frills on the breast would accentuate your class. A collar with tips a little more prominent would bring out your shoulders and neckline. A dark suit is always a necessity, but you can add a dash of Italian machismo with pin stripes. Last but not least, make sure your cufflinks show, and show off.


Instead of age-old ideas that have been used and reused for countless decades, why not choose something unique and steeped in Italian culture and mythology? For a gift that will be talked about for eternity, the famous Roman Wolf could be the perfect choice. A symbol of strength, vitality and even parenthood, a little statuette of the Roman wolf suckling the twins, Romulus – whom the eternal city of Rome is named after – and Remus, would make an exotic yet legendary gift.

As you can see, Ristorante Teatro is a dining experience you would be tempted to indulge in again.