Lady Gaga Attends Best Friend’s Wedding in Style


If your best friend is Lady Gaga, you can be sure that she’s going to turn up at your wedding in style. And that is exactly what the superstar did when she attended her best friend’s wedding (and events leading up to the big day) in New Orleans, Louisiana, bringing on the full Southern charm with her astute fashion choices.

For the day of the wedding ceremony, the singer turned up in a one-strap halter dress in a delicate shade of lavender, styled with a classy smooth sleek hairstyle. Lady Gaga was more adventurous with her sartorial choices in the week leading up to the wedding proper, though. She glammed up her get-up with retro oversized sunglasses, pearl accessories, large hats and statement clutches.

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With Lady Gaga’s impeccable style, we can’t help but be worried if she would be upstaging the bride’s big moment. But then again, this might be one of the rare times when the bride actually doesn’t mind.

All photos from Yahoo, taken from Lady Gaga’s Instagram.