Lego… nail art

Yes, you read that title right.

After two blog posts (we have them here and here if you previously missed them) on how you can attain that perfect manicured nails, we thought it’d be fun to share this one of a kind nail design we found online.

(Photo credit: Dori the Giant)

The idea to transform one of our favorite childhood toys, LEGO bricks into nail art came from Dorota Pankowska from Ontario, Canada. On her blog, the 23-year-old freelance photographer showed her nails glued with the iconic tips from the beloved bricks. And on one, she even attached a puny-sized cartoon, Patrick Star! How cute!

(Photo credit: Dori the Giant)

While this will not be the nail art you’d want to don on for your wedding, this writer certainly loves the creativity and spontaneity behind this fun idea! If you ever try it, let us know how it turns out!