Lifestyle: 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

If you, like us, adore the works of National Geographic’s photographers, be thrilled to know that you can now view these stunning snaps up close at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands!

Taking up residence at the Art Science Museum, the “50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic” will be showcasing 50 iconic snaps by some of National Geographic’s most remembered and celebrated photographers, like Steve McCurry, Chris John and Joanna Pinneo.

Joanna Pinneo is most famous for this photo titled “Sub-Saharan Mali”. It was taken on an assignment to Mali to uncover how drought is affecting the Tuareg nomads in sub-Saharan Africa. In shot are a local family whom Pinneo had met on the trip and constitutes a poignant moment, reminding the world about the catastrophic effects of climate change.

This is the first time the exhibition comes to Southeast Asia and coincides with the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society this year. So, expect more than just visual delights for there will be a vast array of engaging programmes, interactive spaces and workshops lined up just for you.

For the photography buffs, make a bee line for the workshops like “Negative to Print” and “Darkroom Developments” and discover for yourself the thrill of developing a 35mm film into negatives or vice versa. The best part of it all is that, these workshops are absolutely complimentary for exhibition ticket-holders!

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