Lifestyle: EatPlayLove Cafe

We had heard that a couple chose this cafe for their wedding proposal earlier this year and so we decided to head down to find out for ourselves what makes this new addition in the overwhelming local cafe scene an ideal hangout for couples.

(Photo Credits: Wedding & Travel)

Apart from the name which gave hints of romanticism no thanks to its similarity with widely popular book and movie “Eat Pray Love”, EatPlayLove Cafe is indeed a delightful place where one is surrounded by colorful decor and old-school furniture pieces. A fun ambience also lingers in the air, not just because this place is a favorite amongst families, but also because it allows you to have fun by indulging in good ol’ art and craft.



For just $5 per hour (on weekdays, the time slot is extended to 2 hours!), work your creativity with free-flow art and craft materials, as well as guidance from staff, to create your very own masterpieces, be it drawing, DIY dolls or even accessories. We certainly think this is something couples can do for a change on dates and have good quality bonding time!

On the menu, you will find Thai delights served alongside simple Western fare. On weekdays, lunch set meals are the must-haves. For slightly more than $10, you get decent main dishes with a drink.



EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street, #01-07, Aliwal Arts Centre, S(199918)
Opening Hours: Mon from 12nn to 10pm, Wed to Sun from 12nn to 10pm
6444 6400 |