Lifestyle: Singapore Night Festival & The Local People Night Market

If you’re wondering about what to do this weekend, be sure not to miss out on the last weekend of the Singapore Night Festival 2014. While you’re at it, show your love and support for our local artists and designers at The Local People Night Market, which is held in conjunction with the Singapore Night Festival, along Queen Street near Singapore Art Museum.

Singapore Night Festival 2014

The much-loved Singapore Night Festival is in its seventh year of running, and shows no signs of slowing down. With a theme of “Bold and Beautiful” this year, the Singapore Night Festival is set to bring you an array of dazzling, wild, and loud performances to create a multisensory experience for festival-goers.


Headlining this year’s festival is William Close’s Earth Harp that will transform the façade of the National Museum of Singapore into the largest stringed instrument in Singapore. Inspired by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s quote, “architecture is frozen music”, Earth Harp is an installation-performance that is guaranteed to take your breath away.


Those of you who have attended past editions of the Singapore Night Festival will recall the spectacular night installations that dress up the museums’ façades. Thankfully, this crowd favourite, Night Lights, will once again return in this year’s festival. What is different is that this year, the installation will feature a first-time collaboration with DesignSingapore Council and contributions by the students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

The Local People Night Market

The Local People is an online platform that seeks to showcase our own homegrown creative talents as an antithesis to mass-produced products that flood the retail market nowadays. In conjunction with the Singapore Night Festival, The Local People has put together a night market on 30 August 2014 (Sat) showcasing the work of a diverse group of local artists and designers. We foresee that you’ll be needing to keep a close eye on your wallet (and not just because of pickpockets in the crowd).

Catching amazing free performances at the Singapore Night Festival and shopping till you drop at the same time — if that doesn’t sound like a grand game plan to kickstart your weekend, we don’t know what else will.

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