Lifestyle: The Bravery Cafe

All photos taken by Wedding & Travel.

The people behind this new cafe in the up-and-coming Jalan Besar vicinity are probably, in our opinion like how the eatery’s name suggests, brave souls.

Without a signboard of any sorts, The Bravery Cafe, situated opposite the Jalan Besar stadium, blended in (almost) with the quiet surroundings.

We had gone past it twice before finally spotting it.

Enter the cafe and you’ll find the interior equally simple. Keeping it true to the neighborhood’s industrial vibes, the cafe is minimally decorated. The walls have (intentional or not, we don’t know) signs of uneven old paint and the high ceiling seen grey, similar to surrounding shops which sold manufacturing parts.




But as the saying goes, never judge the book by its cover.

This unassuming cafe serves probably one of the best smoked salmon and poached eggs in town. Brownie points are awarded with the generous serving of salmon which is definitely twice the amount you’ll get at other cafes.


The pancakes with banana and ricotta are also a must-try. Fluffy and fit for sharing between 2 people, this dish is a definite great way to kick start your weekend.

This cafe also has another specialty: Lavender latte. Be sure to try it and enjoy the unique aroma of coffee intertwined with a faint lavender scent.

The Bravery Cafe
66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073
Opens from 8am to 8pm.Closed on Tuesdays.
6225 4387 |