Limited Edition London Rain


What could be more British than London rain?

Created by Jo Malone’s Master Perfumer Christine Nagel, this Limited Edition collection captures the different moods of a downpour, from the soft sparkle of a morning shower to a wild rainstorm at night.

“The initial concept from Jo Malone London was to create a scented portrait of London to conjure up the romantic and deeply intense rainy days,” says Nagel.

A scent is personal and memorable. Just like true love, some of us takes years to find the perfect one. And when you find the one, there’s no letting go.

Cherish your moment for this limited edition collection goes on sale in March and ends while stocks last.


Rain & Angelica
Glassy beads of dew, awakening a London park at dawn.  A revitalising scent, enlivened with herbaceous angelica and juicy lime  on an earthy base of vetiver. Aqueous and clear.

“To me, Rain & Angelica is all about breathing in the freshness of a breaking London dawn. When the city is dew-covered and glistening, the grass and trees of Hampstead Heath take on an aqueous, almost fluid quality. Their greenness is exaggerated and everything seems enlivened and youthful. Morning rain just seems to refresh the city bringing clarity and a sense of hope.” ~ Christine Nagel, Master Perfumer


Wisteria & Violet
A soft morning shower, soaking purple wisteria cascading  over London stone walls. Infused with the wet-petal scent of violets  and water lily. Rainwashed and intoxicating.

“Wisteria & Violet is such a poetic fragrance. It transports me to Highgate, that 18th century literary hub of an urban village. The houses are draped in wisteria that comes to life after a brisk morning shower.” ~ Chris Wyatt, Fragrance Director


White Jasmine & Mint
An afternoon cloudburst, drenching gardens  exuberant with jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Eccentric with  its dash of scrambling wild mint. Enchanting and refreshing.

“White Jasmine & Mint is a contemporary and beautiful scent – so evocative of London gardens in spring. It transports me to St James’s Park and there is nothing like sheltering under the old, red mulberry tree to escape an April shower. You can smell the light spring scent rising from the freshly planted flower beds. Here, I can simply soak up the London atmosphere.” ~ Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director


Black Cedarwood & Juniper
Midnight rain. Seductive with the carnal touch of  cumin, chilli leaves, and aromatic juniper. Dark with cedarwood.  Humid with moss. Modern and urban.

“Studio Director Black Cedarwood & Juniper has that late night danger about it. It makes me think of a dark, glistening London where anything could happen. The smooth cedarwood mingling with an unexpected hint of juniper and chilli lends an urban rush to the fragrance.” ~ Celine Roux, Jo Malone Creative

Jo Malone “London Rain” Limited Edition Collection
Available from March 2014
Each 100ml cologne at SGD194