Look South To Kenting

Located in Taiwan’s southernmost part, Kenting National Park is famous for its natural beauty and gorgeous scenery. Add to that the many manmade locations for wedding photography and exciting activities for couples, it is no wonder Kenting is the new “it” place to be.

The best part about travelling overseas for your pre-wedding photo shoot is how you can slip in a short getaway at the same time. With its beautiful sand and surf, to-die-for sunsets, and laidback pace of life, Kenting has long ranked high as one of Taiwan’s most popular vacation spots. For the same reasons, there is no reason why Kenting wouldn’t make a great destination for pre-wedding photo shoots too, thought it remains under the radar for now.

But not for long – W&T puts together a three-day itinerary that introduces you to the best of this charming seaside town – picturesque photo spots, thrilling activities, and delectable menus, let’s go!


Day 1: Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Kenting is best known for its stunning sea views and brilliant clear skies, and each of the following start attractions offers the best views, while imparting a different mood and feel to your photographs. Specially, Kenting Bay makes a great location for playful and dynamic shots taken right by the seaside; Eluanbi Lighthouse brings a touch of elegance when its statuesque white exterior is juxtaposed against the blue sky; Maobitou Park is our top choice for dramatic shots, with its magnificent cliffhanging sea views and strong winds.

A couple of frequent grouses about overseas pre-wedding photo shoots are tight schedules and crowded photo spots. With a wide range of gorgeous setting, from a glass chapel on water, to Greek influenced buildings, to rustic farmhouse backdrops. As such, couples can enjoy privacy and the luxury of time in using the expansive grounds for their photo shoots.


Day 2: Under The Sea

No trip to Kenting is complete without adventures on water. For the active couple who loves thrill and action, get your adrenaline fix at South Bay, where you can try out up to 8 types of water sports, including jet skis, flying fish, and banana boat, etc.

For the laidback couple who prefers to take things slow, you can take an ocean cruise. Apart from providing unbeatable views of the coastline from a unique perspective, you can also enjoy open-sea snorkelling with the yacht as your launch pad when water conditions permit. We recommend going on the last trip of the day, as you can catch the magnificent Pacific Ocean sunset on your return journey.


Day 3: Out And About

There is no better way to know a place intimately than to explore it for yourself. Rent a motorbike or electrical bike (for those without a licence) and hit the roads! Spend a delightful morning feeling the refreshing sea breeze on your face as you traverse the coastal roads, and get a taste of quaint local life as you meander through the streets of Hengchun Old Town. For fans of the hit movie Cape No.7, which was shot in Kenting, be sure to visit protagonist Aka’s house on the way!

The journey through winding mountain roads and challenging sand dunes would definitely have you holding on tight to your seat for sure! The expedition ends on a high (and wet) note as the jeeps toss up strong sprays of water as they perform high-speed turns on the stream.

How can one visit Taiwan without making a trip to the night market?  For dinner, have your fill of Taiwan’s most delicious street foods as you shop till you drop along the night market at Kenting Main Street, which comes alive around 7pm every night.