Movie-Inspired Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

For couples who are brainstorming for interesting ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot, movies might be a good place to start from. Movies are an easy way to get your ideas rolling if you’re thinking of creating a pre-wedding photo shoot that would tell a story, instead of simply capturing posed moments. They are also a great wealth of inspiration to tap on for colour palettes, fashion choices, and the mood and ambience for your photo shoot. Today, we share with you three couples who recreated some of our favourite movies in their wedding photo shoots.


Is there anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for this classic Pixar animation, UP? Lisa and Geoff took their photo shoot to the replica of the UP house in Utah, USA and reproduced their favourite scenes from the movie. The results are a heartwarming and colourful photo shoot that immediately brings a smile to our faces.

This replica of the UP house was built by Bangerter Homes. Not only has the team reproduced the house’s exteriors, the amount of detail put into the interior design is amazing as well!

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(Photos from The Goodness Blog)

The Notebook

Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook is no doubt one of the most popular romance movies of all time, so we were definitely not surprised to see Italian couple Angelo and Chiara recreate these immaculately romantic scenes from the movie! What we loved the most about this photo shoot is how it captured the drama and mood of the movie perfectly with its muted colour tones and vintage-inspired aesthetic.

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(Photos from Huffington Post)

Before Sunrise

Cult favourite Before Sunrise might be a lesser-known movie among the mainstream crowd, but is definitely not lesser-loved. While London couple Betty and Seng could not replicate the exact scenes in the movie, they sought to capture the mood and ambience surrounding the main characters. (Note: For those who have not watched the movie before, Before Sunrise portrays the story of two travellers who met on the train, and fell in love as they spent the night talking and walking around Vienna.) This is a great example of a photo shoot that shows how you don’t always have to translate your inspiration literally in your photo shoot!

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(Photos from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)