Nail Art of the Month

We liked the response on our previous story (click here if you missed it) so here we are again with some of our favorite nail art this month. Plus, we included information about a new nail art book, penned by K-Pop star Li Hong Ki, with a mission to create the perfect nail art for men. Be ready to get inspired, folks!

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Fashion’s ongoing love affair with feminine floral prints dominated the runway for all of Spring 2013 and it seems that the trend remains to stay for at least awhile longer. For ladies who remain hesitant in donning on the iconic print for fear of being too girly, take a leaf out of Katy Perry’s style book. The 28-year-old pop star, clad in a floral Elie Saab dress (see below), had matching floral nails in dark shades of red and black which only added on to her chic unconventional style.


(Monika Chiang. Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar)

Having metallic nail colors, be it in gold or silver, instantly ups the glam factor. For the adventurous, don on these bold colors on all ten fingers and we are sure you will be in the center of attention in no time. For those who wish to experiment the trend without going too far, leave them as your finishing touch. Runway-inspired ideas for the latter include: Monika Chiang’s (see pic above) platinum streak which is simple yet sleek and Chanel’s Fall Collection (see pic below) last year, where models had a touch of metallic polish to a pastel pink base.


(Photo Credit: Instagram)

A reliable and timeless design you can always fall back on if you ever run out of inspiration. Just play with the colors and add on a little sparkle here and there for variation.

(Photo Credits: here and here)

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

As they say, you can never go wrong with black. While this may not be the most ideal color for weddings, this is one nail look that will rock the hens night and/or after-party! We simply adore and highly recommend quilted black matt nails (see pic above) and the Steve Madden-inspired rock chic design by celebrity nail artist Madeline Poole (see below).

(Photo Credit: here)


Li Hong Ki’s K-Pop Style
Fans of Korean rock band FT Island wouldn’t be too surprised with this new venture their lead vocalist has taken on.

After all, Hong Ki has never been shy about showing off his love for nail art. Be it his personal twitter account or appearances on variety programs like “We Got Married”, Hong Ki’s glamorous nail art are often too eye-catching to be missed. The rock star even made headlines earlier this year, when he revealed on TV that he had spent some US$45,000 (approx S$57,000) on nail art alone in the past two years!

And now, his love for nail art has led him to release his first book titled “Nail Book” on the topic, whereby he aims to introduce the perfect nail art for men. The 144-page material is said to contain tutorials on the K-Pop star’s nail art style and personal tips. Since its release on July-12, “Nail Book” has become the No.1 best seller in Japan and Korea. While we haven’t had the chance to flip through the book in Singapore as of yet, we can refer to the star’s twitter for tips on how to nail that rock star look.

(Photo Credit: Li Hong Ki Twitter)

What do you think of our recommendations this month? Or have you read Li Hong Ki’s nail art book? Drop us a note, we’ll love to hear from you!