Singapore is one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the world- why not marry in the eyes of Mother Nature? We offer the pros and cons of hosting your wedding at these green sites.

Beach wedding

Beach bums will love to exchange their vows in the backdrop of a setting sun with blue sea gently caressing the shore. Like a black canvas, the beach allows lots of room for creativity if you want a special theme wedding.

The kids can go berserk on the beach without knocking into tables and the adults will tend to feel more relaxed in the less formal atmosphere, sipping cool drinks while taking in the wonderful scenery.

However, beach weddings may not sit well with some guests. It can get pretty hot and uncomfortable in the day for some unless you hire a contractor to set up an air-conditioned marquee.

Older folks may have a problem treading on uneven ground like soft sand. You can place chairs and tables for them near the beach and close to your wedding reception or dinner so that they will not miss out on the action. It will be nice if you can provide them with hand fans or pocket fans on a sunny day.

Check out the beach before you book anything to make sure it is not infested with flies, mosquitoes or scavenging animals.

As fresh flowers tend to wither faster under warm temperatures, discuss with your florist the kinds of flowers you can use outdoors and the latest time they can deliver to ensure freshness to the last minute.

Like all outdoor locations, always work out a Plan B in case of erratic weather.


Garden wedding

Nature lovers will find it soothing to celebrate their wedding in picturesque parks or gardens with the sweet smell of freshness lingering in the air.

You do not have to spend too much time setting up the place as it already exudes a natural charm with its much-tended flora.

Nevertheless, there are some things to take note of for garden weddings. Do set up tents over the dining area to prevent falling leaves, flowers or seeds from garnishing the food.

Do not take for granted that the flower bushes will bloom all year round. Check out the blooming seasons and arrange for your own floral decorations if need be.

Brides may wish to forsake white gowns with long trains for ankle-length gowns as they may pic up dirt and mud easily in outdoor locations. If possible, advise your guests against wearing strong perfume or aftershave as they may attract bugs and bees.