Not even a wildfire could stop this couple’s wedding

This would have frustrated many couples but as they say, not all bad things turn out necessarily bad.

Michael and April Wolber had picked the perfect place for their wedding – Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon, United States. They had pictured an idyllic outdoor wedding until… firefighters showed up just as their wedding began, to inform them that a wildfire was heading straight for them at a dangerous pace.

The couple rushed through their vows in half time before being evacuated. While they may not have had the chance to realize their outdoor wedding, they were rewarded with some mind-blowing wedding photos.

And the credit goes to Josh Newton, the couple’s photographer, who turned the menacing wildfire into a breath-taking backdrop for the couple.

According to Huffington Post, Newton said: “I have never in 10 years photographed anything like it. It all felt very surreal, somewhat scary. We were all in shock. But it was also romantic and something that only happens once in your life. Michael and April reacted amazingly to the whole thing. They were stoked that everyone was safe and they were so optimistic and joyful about everything.”



(Photos credit to Buzzfeed)