Not Your Usual Bridal Salon

(Photo from the New York Times)

For those of you who are expecting soothing pastel colours and floral scents when you step into a bridal salon, you will be surprised by Mociun White, a not-so-usual bridal salon in Brooklyn, New York.

Mociun White is the brainchild of designer Caitlin Mociun, who was inspired to set up her store after a trip to the bridal salon with a friend. “There were little vases of white flowers and rococo furniture, and it smelled like potpourri — it felt like a little girl’s dream, not the dream of an adult woman who’s really into design,” she recalls. Instead, she says, “I wanted a beautiful space that was cool architecturally.”

Indeed, Mociun has created a visually engaging and adventurous space for her bridal salon. Instead of a subdued palette that is commonly found in bridal salons, she has opted for pops of vibrant colours on the railings, complemented with ables made with Archer Modern, a Bec Brittain chandelier and loop lights by Lucas Peet.

The sartorial choices available are of course, non-traditional as well — the collection consists of coloured wedding dresses (in for example, lemon yellow) and separates that her clients can mix and match as well. Last but not least, she has also curated a tasteful selection of made-to-order ceramics and houseware for brides who are putting together a wedding registry.

As brides become more sophisticated and conscious of what they want, it’s about time that bridal services catch up on these specialised needs. We say, Mociun White is definitely making a good move ahead.

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