One Magical Night

Mirrored in the reflective pool, the lights of a hundred candles dance at your wedding as the hushed sounds of lapping water supply the beat. As you taste the gastronomic specialties prepared for your pleasure, you’ll soon be on a fantastic voyage into fantasy. A wedding night should always be this magical.



Surrounded by a tropical garden setting by the dreamy pool, and with a dedicated team attending to your needs, you will feel like royalty in an exotic faraway land. An overhead canopy shelters you from the elements, especially in the event of rain – a common phenomenon in Singapore – yet allows you liberating alfresco style dining under the mesmerising stars. Fresh air, warm mood lighting and an evening of festivities add up to unforgettable memories.

The cover of nature was further played up and the colour scheme accentuated, using an emphatic selection of green and white flora. White orchids and roses are highly pleasing to the eye and add to the intoxicating fragrance of sensuality. When we focus on the orchid theme, let’s use all the parts of local tropical orchids – including the leaves and the stalk. Any colour or theme can be created at your whim.

To cue you in for your grand entrance, you could have a violin quarter strike up an enchanting tune. Imagine, as you saunter into the limelight, arms entwined and with a pair of megawatt smiles, you wouldn’t want a boyband CD to be playing in the background do you? Instead, the fiddlers four could enhance the already electric atmosphere with a grandiose Latin hymn or a soothingly familiar love song.

Candlelit tables elaborately laid out with silverware, meticulously folded napkins and floral centrepieces set the scene for dining. Each and every guest of yours will be put at ease in the soothing ambience. For a wedding celebration by the pool, guests can mingle well as they please and slowly savour the night’s fare.


For a night as magical as this, you need to be dressed to match the splendour. A wispy gown for the bride with embroidered vines would leave all the bridesmaids squealing in delight. The prince charming should also be garbed in like fashion, perhaps in an 18th century style coat with polished buttons over a vest of ornate swirling patterns. If you wish, you can complement the look with a smart wide-brimmed hat.

For a more fun and exotic alternative, you can always turn up as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine out of 101 Arabian Nights. It is the most significant night of your entire life; why not live out your fantasies? Don’t hold back, it is a choice that’s sure to delight the inner child in all your guests.

Ask your guests to turn up in something other than the norm to match the theme. Something a little more fairy-tale or a tad more casual would be perfect. After all it is your party; you can have your wishes come true for just one night can’t you? Encourage them to unleash their creativity and let a peaceful easy feeling surface in their sartorial choices.