Only in Japan: Solo Weddings

(Photo from Daily Mail UK)

In another piece of quirky news that sounds like it could only have come from Japan, Kyoto service provider Cera Travel has launched a wedding package with a unique twist — a solo wedding package that is targeted at single women.

Priced at approximately S$3,500, the two-day package includes dress fittings, hair and make up, choosing a bridal bouquet, and even comes with a stand-in male model for the wedding photo shoot.

Cera Travel’s wedding package was conceived as a response to the Japanese marriage market, which has seen an increased number of females who have chosen their careers over marriage at an early age, or divorced women who are looking to relive a blissful wedding day. Cera Travel revealed that 10 women have purchased the package so far.

One such client, businesswoman Nagi Daisen, 43, spoke of the perks of having her own solo wedding.

“I’ve been in a relationship for years but we’ve never got round to actually getting married. So I decided to do this for myself and it was amazing fun. I always wanted to wear a wedding dress and to be pampered like this and now I have been. It was great.”

At the end of the day, the bride can also enjoy the use of a honeymoon suite. Cera Travel shared that many ladies often invite their partners to join them at the honeymoon suite after their “big day”.

As Daisen’s experience shows, it is not true that only single women who do not have partners hanker after a solo wedding experience. For the Japanese, it seems that a small segment of their market has become confident enough to perceive this service as another sort of experience that one could try out, perhaps, similar to trying out a new sport or leisure activity.

What do you think? Do you think solo wedding packages would be suitable for the Singaporean market?

(Read the original article at International Business Times UK)