Ooh la la with merrymakers WULALA!

(All photos courtesy of WULALA)

We at W&T have always aimed to furnish you with ideas on how to celebrate in style one’s biggest day in life. And it is this love for pretty and unique festivities that attracted us to WULALA, a merrymaking lifestyle brand here in Singapore.

True to its name, WULALA is a delightful store stocked with a personally-curated list of party items, from tableware, utensils to decorative items that will bring your party to life. Unique fashion lovers will also be pleased to find one of a kind apparel, accessories and shoes fit for any celebratory occasion. Apart from being an online store, WULALA also added party styling services, including wedding related bashes, to its offerings since 2 months back.

Behind this nearly 8-month-old venture is Wu Lalu, a full-time visual merchandiser for a local F&B company. Despite barely having enough time for sleep when things get heavy for both work and WULALA, Lalu remains fuelled with her “love for having pretty celebrations, sharing cute quirky products and giving great surprises.”

For couples looking for good party expertise, read on more about WULALA and founder, Lalu, in our interview below. Plus, we got Lalu to introduce a creative improvisation of the Twister game, which we think is a genius idea to spend quality time with your other half this weekend.

W&T: Any special reason why you chose the name, WULALA?
WLL: My dad used ‘ooh la la’ on me a lot when I was younger. ‘Ooh la la’ is usually an expression for delight and surprise. My name is Wu Lalu so the name just kinda falls into place.

W&T: Which is the most memorably party WULALA has been involved? Any wedding related bashes?
WLL: I only began offering party styling services officially 2 months ago, after getting many requests to do parties. My favourite project during the 2 months was styling for Google Adcamp. The ‘tikibar’ that I created was the highlight of the students’ Hawaiian themed party.

Yes! Wedding related parties I’ve done included a Formula 1 themed hen’s night and a wedding photobooth for a Chinese/Armenian couple within this short span of time.



W&T: Where are your products from? What criteria do you have?
WLL: They are either handcrafted or sourced from all around. Besides having a good design/concept, I make sure the products are well executed (well-made with good quality). On top of that, I really appreciate humor in products so, clever + amusing products get me.

W&T: Can you recommend one handmade item from your store? Can you let us in on the brainstorming process?
WLL: The ‘ Apple of My Eye’ beret is one of my favorites. I kept one for myself and get complimented every time I wear it out. All the customers who purchased this item keeps telling me how much they adore it!


W&T: We love the improvised Twister game on WULALA’s blog for V-day, how did you come up with this? How can couples can recreate this at home?
WLL: I played ‘Battleshots’ (on bed) with my partner the year before and we enjoyed that so much. So I thought we could up our Valentine’s day this year by playing another game on top of Battleshots. Something more physical so Twister came to mind quite naturally!

DIY has never been easier. For the complete list of what you need and how to get about doing your own Twister game,, please visit WULALA’s wordpress and download the printable! Have fun!

Pop by WULALA at www.wu-lala.com and facebook.com/pages/WULALA!