Origami to spruce up your wedding

We at W&T are always looking for new ideas so that your big day can be most special and memorable. In this post, we turn to Origami, traditional Japanese art of paper folding, for inspiration on how to make your wedding one of a kind.

For the decor…
Remember how back in the 90s, where folding paper hearts from bus tickets as well as paper cranes were all the rage?

Well, if you enjoyed the process then, congratulations! You have just taken one big step towards sprucing up your wedding area. These origami details can make a difference in decorations bigger than you think!

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Paper cranes: During the origami rage back then, this W&T writer remembered how obsessed I was with paper cranes and I would be folding them as and when I could. Then, with a needle and thread, I would string them together and hang the cranes along my windowsill.

Yes, just like that train of white cranes in the picture above.

I would self-confess to be someone who’s not very adept with art and craft. So before you start shaking your head and say “No way!”, let me assure you that this is, if I can be anymore cliche, easier than ABC.

Plus, like they say, origami cranes not only symbolize longevity but also good luck. No harm getting additional blessings for your big day right?

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Paper tulips: Apart from origami cranes, also try folding paper tulips, made from different colored paper depending on your theme as well as sizes. They are relatively easier to make than roses and more unique, we say!

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Paper games: Remember this from primary school? Have them as little treats for your guests before the ceremony starts! Write interesting phrases or funny questions on them. We are sure your guests will have great fun and they can be perfect ice-breakers for guests who meet for the first time at their table!

Remember, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. Rally family and friends to help you along and very soon, you will find yourself having a good bonding session with your loved ones. You will also realize how much love you have around you and all these wedding preparations are really, stress-free.

For the groom…
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An origami bowtie. An easily-made accessory that makes one standout instantly. Plus, isn’t it cute?

Refer here for a step-by-step tutorial as well as a sample complete with lines to fold along, available for download so that you can instantly recreate one in a jiffy!

For the bride…
Origami-inspired gowns usually boast of complicated folds, making them intricate dresses fit for a queen. Naturally, we’d turn to Yumi Katsura, renowned Japanese designer of ready-wear and haute couture bridal pieces and who’s notably famed for incorporating Japanese elements like Kimono into her gowns, for some wardrobe ideas.

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Like what we recommended in this post? Share with us your thoughts on origami and how they can be better used for DIY wedding decorations.