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Perfectly Rouge

It’s conventional yet desirable, predictable yet popular. Think what you want but pink is still the epitome of wedding colour schemes. What, after all, is a wedding without pinks? We go a step further – a wedding just in pinks.

The Inspiration

The pink impulse is undeniable. It is romantic, it is sweet, it is girlish and it is somehow the all-too feminine colour. Despite our best attempts to cultivate a sophisticated taste for subtle tones and understated colours, the passion for pink is just too strong to resist. Then again, which other colour is there that somehow captures the blush of the bride and her purity of love at the sane instance? In this theme, we weld pink with a twist inspired by organic forms for a perfectly rouge display.

Creating the Theme

Pink is a colour of many shades. Ditch the bubble-gum tones and go for a more mature palette. Rouge and fuchsia would do nicely. Maintain a guise of sophistication with very carefully selected dining ware and accessories, and there you have it.

Peonies and lotuses from the mains for the arrangements, well, you can choose Peony “Dr Flemming” and Thai lotuses which are graceful, elegant and confer an exotic oriental air. Pink cymbidium orchids add a touch of soft pinks on the plates.

To render a more wispy and fairy-tale feel, go for asparagus ferns for the greens. Throw in some green lotus pods for an inimitable touch.

For the bride’s bouquet, Hydrangea “Green Shadow” adds an air of whimsy while the Eustoma Double Pink complements the lotus and peonies. Hyperium Berry “Excellent Flair” completes the arrangement with an unexpected flair.

To make it a theme that really stands out, go organic with the accessories. Of course, decorations and favours follow the theme easily. A perfect little posy of lotus and pink cymbidium, set off with Spanish moss and asparagus fern, makes a lovely favour. Scatter nautilus shells around the table for a pretty effect.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To customise this look to your style, just bear in mind – go pink, go organic. Choose flowers with shapes or stems that are more sinuous than defined, such as lotus, tulips and orchids. Your accessories play a major part in carrying off the look, so shop around. Print your place cards and invites in Art Noveau style to fit the organic theme.

Pink is an easy theme to please when it comes to customising. Take wedding favours. What are your favourite things in pink? Strawberry flavoured candies? Scented candles in shades of pinks make excellent little gifts as well. One last thing, don’t forget to get a cake all in pink too.