Planning a One-of-a-kind Wedding? Here Are Some New Things Couples Are Trying

If you’re racking your brains trying to come up with something special to wow your guests on your big day, here are a couple of the latest wedding trends that couples around the world are exploring now.


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So drones aren’t exactly a new trend and has been all the rage for awhile now, but couples are only really starting to use them in a big way in their weddings in recent months. Apart from capturing the mandatory aerial shot of all your guests, couples are also using drones to capture aerial footage of the order of proceedings during the wedding to supplement their regular video footage. The aerial angle brings a sense of drama and gives a macro view of what is going on during the wedding. This is definitely an add-on to consider if you’re really particular about your wedding video footage.


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After the drone comes the robot. Instead of the usual ringbearer, some couples have opted to inject an element of surprise to their wedding by substituting a human ringbearer with a robot one. The sight of a robot walking down the aisle behind the bride, while slightly comedic, is definitely a fresh and attention-grabbing sight!

Silent Wedding

Shelby and Dan
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This one’s the most intriguing trend for us — after all, can you imagine a wedding that is without noise? The idea of a silent wedding is that guests can choose to listen (or not) to the music that is playing through their headphones. Therefore, couples can engage multiple DJs or prepare multiple playlists to cater to the diverse tastes of their different guests (oldies and youngsters). Guests who prefer to have a conversation with each other would be free to do so without interference from loud music. Silent weddings are also great for couples who are holding their weddings at venues with strict after-hour noise limitations. With guests hooked up on their headphones, there is nothing to stop the party from carrying on all through the night.

Which of the above wedding trends are you most impressed by? Share with us!