Pop songs you can use for your big day: Show Luo

Looking for a new music playlist for your big day?

Look nowhere but here! W&T is starting a new blog series where we select tunes suitable for playing at your wedding from your favorite singers. Be it western pop, Mandopop, Jpop or Kpop, you name it, we’ll do it.

And so for our inaugural post, we are kicking things off with Taiwanese singer, Show Luo who’s due to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this weekend.

1. 《今天你最漂亮》

Penned by lyricist Yan Yun Nong, this song waxes lyrical of a man’s desire to settle down with his lady. Along with the fact that Luo’s best on-screen partner Rainie Yang co-starred in the music video, it’s no wonder why this song is a hot favorite among fans who voted it as a top pick for weddings.


2. 《惜命命》

Another popular recommendation among fans is this Hokkien (yes, you’re reading right) song which is upbeat and boasts of a catchy chorus. Written by Show Luo himself, the lyrics, which sing of a man’s promise to his girl, are bound to make you go “awww…”


3. 《恋爱达人》

This duet, that Luo sang with show host Xiao S, is so popular that we’re sure even non Show Luo fans can sing this song even without a lyrics promptor. Netizens recommend this as a song to be sung at the banquet by the newlyweds, what do you think?

Show Luo 2014 Over the limit: Dance soul returns world live tour
Date: 3 May 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 8 PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices: $198 | $168 | $138 | $88 (excludes $4 booking fee)