Real Wedding: Victoria Tang & Christopher Owen

(Photo from Vogue)

Daughter of Sir David Tang (founder of luxury label Shanghai Tang), Victoria Tang has gotten married to Christopher Owen in Beijing.

Tang, who is currently Hong Kong-based as the creative director to Tang Tang Tang Tang, a lifestyle brand she started with her father, said that the couple chose to get married in Beijing as this was where her parents got married more than 30 years ago.

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Tang and Owen’s wedding ceremony was held at St. Michael’s Church, one of Beijing’s oldest gothic churches, in front of 170 family members and friends. The bride wore a custom Giambattista Valli dress, while the groom was decked out in a bespoke suit made by Kim Jones, menswear director at Louis Vuitton and a good friend of the couple’s.

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Despite having studied and worked overseas for a number of years, Tang said that she had a very strong connection to her Chinese heritage and as such, wanted her wedding to reflect equal Chinese and Western influences. In a nod towards traditional Chinese wedding customs, Owen and his groomsmen went through the ritual gatecrashing to receive his bride, and the couple also went through the traditional tea ceremony in front of their family. On the western side, the couple had a champagne reception before the banquet dinner, and a dance floor thereafter, with the fun and alcohol lasting all the way to 4am.

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