Real Weddings – Evan Kok & Mayer Chan


Speaking to Evan Kok, 24, and Mayer Chan, 34, it is obvious that this is a couple who strives for excellence. After all, the word ‘perfect’ comes up multiple times during our conversation, and Mayer gleefully coins Evan with the nickname of Mr Perfectionist, a title that he readily accepts.

Setting out to share the joy of food and cooking with their family and friends, Evan and Mayer chose to treat their loved ones to a visual and gastronomic feast at the accoladed Restaurant André, instead of the standard banquet menu from major hotels. Working closely with Chef André, his wife Sudarampai, and Restaurant Manager Stepan Marhoul to customise the menu, the result was an exciting 6-course meal (accompnied with 8 amuse-bouche) that included luxurious dishes such as the slow-roasted Aiguillette baronne, warm foie gras jelly, and chiffonade savoy cabbage. Evan even tried his hand at designing their own wedding cake — a white earl grey lychee-flavoured beauty, which symbolises continuity and purity.

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Full menu: Vanilla Popcorn / Lobster Sandwich / Portobello Crisps, Chicken Marsala Crisps, Tempura Prawns, Edible Soil / Petuna ocean trout with golden ocietra, Cured perfect yolk, Noirmoutier potato mousse / Freshly baked rolls / Line-caught Atlantic turbot roti, Smoked baby eel and barley, Burnt onion and wasabi beurre blanc / Perigord black truffle, Warm foie gras jelly, Fleur de sel / Aiguillette baronne, Chiffonade savoy cabbage, Tacos wafer / Roasted Pork / Wild berry shaved ice, Black fig marmalade, Acacia honey ice cream / “Snickers” / Assorted sweets / Buttered popcorn / Marshmallow

As a couple who believes in less is more, it is no surprise that Evan and Mayer’s wedding was a small and intimate event attended by just 34 guests. “‘The Journey’ was the theme for our wedding as we are a non-typical couple (with the female being more senior), and we faced many challenges along the way,” Evan shared. “To fit the theme, all our guests are people who have seen us through the entire journey of this special relationship.”

Evan and Mayer’s journey began when the two met in church, and “just had to take a second glance at each other”, as Evan  reminisced. Five years forward, the pair, who calls each other their best friend, decided to take their relationship to the next level. Looking back on their experience, Evan and Mayer would not change any part of it and would, in fact, not hesitate to do it all over again.

“I was, without a doubt, the most relaxed bride in the world and I loved it!” Mayer laughed. “In fact, I honestly only voiced a few opinions. Evan planned the whole wedding, from the song list, to the venue, and even my wedding gown!”

Indeed, this meticulous planning manifested over a lengthy two years. Evan admitted, “I am a perfectionist and pretty fussy at that, so I didn’t really think I could trust an external vendor to plan the wedding for me.” That said, Evan did not forget to remind our couples to “plan as best as you can, but when something goes wrong, don’t fret; just laugh about it”!

And that is perhaps the best advice that we can all take away from Evan and Mayer’s experience. After all, what can be a better gift than the smiles and blessings from your loved ones on your special day? For Evan and Mayer, the fun they shared with their close-knit group of family and friends, and their loved ones’ well wishes and compliments are definitely precious momentos that they can keep close to their hearts as they walk on with their journey.

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