Reality TV ‘Brides Gone Styled’ Hosts Dish Out Wedding Dress Advice

(Photo from Yahoo Style)

US reality show Brides Gone Styled hosts Robert Verdi and Gretta Monahan are probably the best people to dish out advice on wedding dress shopping — after all, this is what the pair do professionally on TV, where they help not-so-fashion-forward brides find their ideal wedding style. Here are some practical advice that could be helpful for your own wedding dress shopping.

Be prepared, very prepared

This may seem like a no brainer, but many times we fail to be amply prepared when we step into a bridal boutique. We’re talking about wearing the right underwear, and bringing the shoes that you would be wearing on your wedding day.

First, do remember to put on underwear that would be appropriate for your dress fitting. If you’re intending to try on strapless dresses, do remember to wear/bring a strapless bra or nu bra. Ditch those granny panties and put on some seamless underwear. Trust us, it makes a difference.

As for bringing your own shoes, this is something that many brides forget. The height of your heel can change the overall silhouette and look quite significantly so do bring a pair of shoes that is indicative of what you will be wearing on the actual day. That said, it doesn’t mean that you have to bring high heels. If you already know that you will be going for more practical options like flats (or even sneakers), then bring those.

Don’t ignore your own style

While keeping yourself updated on the latest bridal trends is great, do always remember that at the end of the day, you have to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you’re wearing. Don’t chase trends blindly — if off-shoulder dresses make your arms look bulky then ditch them, even if they’re the hottest trend this season. If you’re a spunky bride who hardly wears any skirts or dresses in your everyday life, then go for the jumpsuits or pant suits. It is perfectly fine to inject your own style and interpretation of fashion into your sartorial choices on your wedding day; you do not ever have to feel obliged to conform to others’ perception of how it should be like.

Shop for the body you have, not the body you will have

Most brides go onto a diet regime when they are planning for a wedding, but you should be shopping for the current body you have, instead of the body that you will have. Apart from the obvious reason of not being to guarantee that your diet is going to be as successful as you like it, shopping for your current body will reduce a lot of stress and unnecessary plummeting of self esteem. It is much wiser to try to find a dress that complements your current body type, than try to convince yourself that you will look good in a not-so-flattering dress after your diet. In any case, if you manage to shake off some pounds before your wedding, there is always enough time to make the necessary alterations.

Keep the whole look in mind

Last but not least, do remember that the wedding dress is just one component of your wedding day look. Do budget for other things such as headpieces, veils, accessories and shoes, as they would all add up.

Do you have any other handy advice for wedding dress shopping? Let us know!

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