Romance On The High Seas

With a horizon that stretches as far as the human eye can see and the whispering zephyrs resounding your gentle promises of love, the stage is set for a celebration steeped in romance. Like a bridge over troubled water, your love will be smooth sailing from your very first day.



The exhilarating breeze rushing against your billowy clothes and the relaxing seaview all around are reasons enough to hold your wedding banquet abroad the MV “Falcon Princess”. That’s not all. From the very moment you set sail in idyllic bliss, you can your guests have absolute privacy. You will be free to let your hair down and party as hard as you want.

With a professional MC, DJ and even karaoke facilities, a night of thorough entertainment awaits. Why not make use of the excellent sound system to serenade your spouse? This is your choice to impress all your family and friends. Your guests are sure to have a highly enjoyable time and your other half will be touched by your sincerity too.

Outside, the wide open space allows the freedom of unbridled passion. Now you can live the stuff of romance novels and films. Steal an intimate kiss on the upper deck when your guests are not watching. The stars will be smiling upon you. At the end of it all, the two of you even get to kick back and spend some quality time alone at the resort.



A winsome gown that billows in the wind would give you an ethereal quality. Your pictures give you an ethereal quality. Your pictures will turn out great! For the groom, a tuxedo with ducktails would be ideal.

With Pirates of the Caribbean recently becoming an international hit film grossing millions the world over, you should consider setting it to this theme. True it may be a little bold, a little outrageous, but hey, you do have absolute privacy. Just imagine how fun it would be with your entire party dressed as buccaneers and ladies in waiting! Your wedding will be remembered for eternity. Don’t forget the all-important accessories such as big loop earrings and bandanas. You could even have a crossed cutlass march in. the possibilities are endless for an adventure on the high seas.



With this theme, any kind of wedding favours could be presented to your guests. All you need to do is inject some creativity to make it an even lovelier gift. Attach a little seashell or conch and all your guests will be in the mood for romance.