Romantic marriage proposals

In this post, we scoured the internet for romantic proposals caught on video. Gentlemen preparing to surprise your missus with the question, we hope these will help inspire you on your own proposal. For the ladies, be prepared with a hanky and go awww.

The idea for this post came about when this writer accidentally stumbled upon this video that had gone viral among fans of Taiwan indie band Wonfu. It was a surprise marriage proposal planned by the band’s guitarist Xiaomin for long-time girlfriend, bassist Twiggy. The location was set in a church where filming for the band’s title track, a chirpy love song 《爱你一兆年》 (Love You For A Trillion Years), from their latest album “Wonderful” was to be held. Everything from the song to the place (drummer Dupi even dressed up as a priest!) was ideally decorated for the touching occasion. To see the usually carefree and eloquent Xiaomin breakdown while reading a script he had prepared also made us tear.

Internet memes are more often used as a sarcastic remark online, but Timothy Tiew used it as a surprise for girlfriend Audrey Ooi by having them printed with his love declarations. Not only is this touching but also very creative. That’s what we call, “like a boss!”
An entire month was how long it took for groom-to-be Joe to shoot and edit himself into all of his girlfriend Rebecca’s favorite movies. In the end, he presented her with this amazing 4-minute montage video finished off with the perfect marriage proposal. 100 points for effort!