Running Man HaHa’s Comedic Wedding Photos

For those who are fans of popular South Korean variety show “Running Man”, we guess you must have been very much pleased with the casts’ recent visits to Singapore.

Following Muscle-man “Sparta” Kim Jong Kook’s visit earlier in February, the latest “Running Man” member to come for a fan meeting is, HaHa!

As the stage name suggests, HaHa whose real name is Ha Dong Hoon, is often the joker on set. He is the one who has numerous sneaky ideas up his sleeves and always up to crazy antics like staging his own movie in the middle of the chase. The 33-year-old, who is also affectionately known as “Haroro” for his resemblance to South Korean’s cartoon penguin “Haroro”, is also known for being “the betrayer”. In the action variety program where the seven-member cast form teams with celebrity guests each week to compete in various missions and rip off each other’s name tags, HaHa is famous for constantly betraying his teammates by telling on them or switching camps in order to win.

In his interviews with the local media before his fan meeting, the entertainer however emphasized that he is nothing like that in real life. “If people believe that is how I really am, they will definitely criticise. But I think my character is likeable. I trust the audience and hope they can enjoy my performance in the show. I believe that betrayal is death and this applies to everyone around me.”

While HaHa might not be the betrayer we see on screen, we think he is definitely the comedian in real life. And the evidence is none other than his wedding photos!

Taken last year before his marriage to South Korean singer Byul in December, the photos featuring “Running Man” and “Infinity Challenge” casts, exude HaHa’s signature wacky comedian spirit. Our favorite has to be the series with Korean Hip Hop duo Leessang, formed by “Running Man” Gary and “Infinite Challenge” Gil, pretending to be Byul’s body guards. The serious looking pair coupled with a confused looking Lee Kwang Soo in one photo sparks off the most comic effect. The bride was later quoted saying that she had so much fun and laughter during the shoot and we think that is the best memory one can have from a wedding photo shoot!





(Photo Credits: ojs4wedding)

HaHa and Byul’s wedding invitation card is also all about fun and breaking norms, with the couple portrayed in a cartoon caricature under a sea of stars. (Photo Credit: Lee Kyun’s Twitter)

HaHa welcomed his first child, Dream, last Tuesday. The name is apparently inspired by children being seen as God’s dream. To the couple, our heartfelt congratulations!

HaHa will hold his first fan meeting in Singapore coming Saturday (July-20), 7pm at Zouk. He is joined by Skull, a South Korean reggae singer whose 2007 single “Boom Di Boom Di” made it to Top 3 of the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Singles Charts. Both singers will be belting reggae tunes off their individual albums as well as songs from the duo’s collaboration album “Ya Man”.

Ticket going at $128 and $88. To buy or for more information, go to LEAP IMS website or facebook.