S$8 million: That’s the price tag for this wedding dress

At the recent London Fashion Week, Welsh designer Julien Macdonald – who has appeared as judge on TV show “Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model” – wowed the crowd with a wedding dress he said was worth more than £4 million (approximately more than 8 million Singapore dollars).

(Picture credit to DailyMail)

The wedding gown embroidered with diamonds and pearls was a real show-stopper and has won praise from industry watchers.

“My bride is a mermaid that swims in the sea, covered in treasure,” Macdonald said, explaining the inspiration for the wedding gown. “She takes the buried treasure and translates it into her dream ethereal wedding dress—diamonds, pearls, expense, lace, glamor.

“It’s the most important day of a woman’s life and why not have the most expensive dress in the world?” the designer added.

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