#sg50: A special memento for Singaporean couples who wed in 2015

To celebrate the nation’s 50th anniversary, not just babies who are born next year will receive a commemorative gift. Couples who get married in the Singapore Jubilee year will also get a special memento – an SG50 marriage certificate holder.

According to Channel NewsAsia, Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Social and Family Development, said: “We think this represents their wedded bliss as well as the nation’s joy of turning 50. So in a way, 2015 is a wonderful year, not just for the nation, but for Singaporean couples who are starting their married life together.”

The initiative was inspired by members of the public who had suggested commemorating significant family milestones as part of the nation’s 50th birthday. Earlier this month, it was revealed that all Singaporeans born next year will receive a commemorative birth certificate placed in a golden SG50 folder, with several other jubilee gifts such as a special medallion and a diaper bag.