Simple Tips to Get in Shape

While Chinese New Year is a joyous festive season, it can be a nightmare for the bride-to-be — just think about the tons of new year goodies tempting those taste buds, and zealous relatives who egg you on to eat more for a prosperous new year! That’s why it’s a good time to read up on these simple tips to get in shape from personal trainer Justin Gelband, whose clientele includes the likes of supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton, and Irina Shayk!

1. Think long and lean, not muscular

Be careful about the type of exercises you choose — while some may be great fat-burners, they may bulk you up, which may not be the best look you are going for on your wedding day! Choose exercises that help to tone instead of build your muscles — this would mean saying no to squats and lunges!

2. Get in the ring

Justin recommends boxing for a great workout to firm up your arms, core and legs. But lay off on the skipping — this will put more muscle mass on your legs as well.

3. It’s all about the intervals

While cardio is about getting your heart pumping, do remember to build in peaks and valleys in your workout routine instead of simply maintaining a constant pace. This will help to boost your metabolism rate, which will ensure you burn a larger amount of calories and lose those fats!

4. Kill the booze, salt and sugar

Be serious about that diet you always talk about (but that’s not to say you have to start starving) — simply reduce all alcohol, salt and sugar intake for a healthier body!

5. Mix it up

And if you’re looking to lose weight more efficiently in time for your wedding day, Justin recommends that you get into as many different fitness disciplines as possible! “Your body doesn’t want to find results the same way,” Justin believes. “If your body gets used to doing the same thing, it gets too adjusted.”

Enjoy the rest of the first day of the lunar Chinese new year, but kickstart your regime once the celebrations are over! Good luck!

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