Singapore Design Film Festival 2013

A Design Film Festival 2013 – Opening Titles

Brought to you by the people from local design think tank Anonymous, the Singapore Design Film Festival is back after a one-year hiatus, and is now bigger and better!

Started in 2010, the Singapore Design Film Festival celebrates films on design, architecture, technology, fashion and its subculture. This year, the festival features a carefully curated list of 12 films, some of which are showing in Asia or Singapore for the first time.

The staff over here at Wedding & Travel popped down for yesterday’s screening of Tema Hima: the Art of Living in the Tohoku, designed by Taku Satoh and Naoto Fukasawa. With absolutely no narration, and exquisitely put together with excerpts of interviews and music, the film consists of 7 mini segments featuring different artisans and their craft from Tohoku, Japan. We must say that this was definitely a case of less is more, as there were moments when the audience laughed naturally with the artisans on screen, even without the need for words! The photography was also breathtaking, with beautiful close-ups of the artisans’ hands, which was highly symbolic of their craft; light and shadows; little details such as smoke rising from pots.

Currently ongoing from 15-16 June 2013 at the School of the Arts (SOTA), you can also find pop-up stores by Booksactually and Papa Palheta at the venue serving up your favourite books and coffee.

While online ticket sales are already closed, you can still purchase tickets for available showings at the door. For a price of $8-$12, we say that’s a pretty cool way to spend the remaining of your weekend!