SK-II Bridal Glow Set



The lead-up to your wedding can get pretty crazy, but with SK-II’s Bridal Glow Set, you can be sure that no traces of stress and frustration will be showing up on your skin on your important day!

SK-II has specially designed this beauty regime to help keep your skin nourished and supple. In a mere 14 days, be surprised by how your skin will transform to tip-top condition, making you photo-ready all around!

The Bridal Glow Set contains:

1. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (40ml): helps remove dirt and dead skin cells, and keep skin lively and conditioned.
2. Facial Treatment Mask (2 pieces): this intensive moisture-boosting mask leaves skin radiant and crystal clear.
3. Facial Treatment Essence (150ml): SK-II’s best-selling Pitera “miracle water” to help maintain the skin’s natural renewal cycle.
4. Cellumination Essence EX (30ml): helps improve skin from the cellular level for clearer and better defined skin.
5. Cellumination Deep Surge EX (15g): a daily moisturiser to help balance skin tone and enhance translucence.
6. 3-in-1 Electric Beauty Bath Set

You can snag one of these Bridal Glow Sets at just S$382 at selected SK-II counters in Singapore. For all that goodness, we reckon it’s a pretty good bargain. After all, feeling beautiful from inside out on your big day is priceless, right?